The Modeling Portfolio is the most important tool a Professional Model has to promote themselves. In fact, in today’s ultra-competitive landscape, it’s the key to having a successful career. That’s why shooting with Michael Terry Photography is important to launching or enhancing your career. Michael Terry’s career as a model reached Supermodel status early in his career by working with the First Supermodel in History, Janice Dickinson, and being photographed by Davis Factor the great-grandson of cosmetics pioneering Icon Max Factor. Later Davis Factor created Smashbox Studios and Smashbox Cosmetics. Early on in Michael Terry’s career he understood that being a successful model was much more than just having great photos…it’s also about cultivating strong business relationships. This experience led him to getting representation with the top modeling agencies in the world ( Ford, Wilhelmina, Next Models and Others ) and booking major modeling jobs for top global brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Levi’s, Nike, and so much more. Michael’s personal journey rising up the ranks in modeling and succeeding (earning as much as $100,000 a day!) gives him a very unique advantage as a photographer because he know’s first-hand what it takes to book major jobs, what kinds of photos clients and agents like, and how important relationship building is to succeeding long-term. Michael has been nurturing relationships & friendships worldwide with directors, producers, top agents, photographers, advertising executives and creative professionals for over 30 years. All of which he uses to help up-and-coming models and actors as well as those already established navigate this landscape successfully. Thanks to social media those friendships are now just a click away. Over the years Michael has helped hundreds get jobs through his vast arsenal of connections in the fashion and entertainment industry. Having over 30 years of established friendships globally in an industry where your success depends largely on who you know has been an asset that other photographers can’t come close to. In a world where today so many people talk about having years experiences in the industry, Michael is one of the only one’s who can prove it through his photos. Michael can actually show you images of his experience at the highest levels of success with major brands. Additionally, when choosing a photographer, he encourages models/actors to not simply listen to a friend’s suggestion (unless they are a top working model or actor) but rather to make sure they do their own, thorough research. It’s important to take the time to see what kinds of results someone has produced and not just assume everyone is an ‘industry professional’ because they say so. Michael has seen so many people waste their valuable time and money by not asking important questions. The first step Michael recommends is that you ask a photographer to show you a model that they have photographed who is currently represented by a top modeling agency. Or, make sure to find testaments of this on their website. It’s also important to keep in mind that a ‘Great Photo’ isn’t necessarily the ‘Right Photo’ to get you work. Client’s and casting agents are looking for a very particular type of image when they hire a model and if your photos don’t adhere to their strict guidelines you won’t work or you’ll work a lot less than desired. With more than 30+ years of experience & expertise, Michael Terry Photography consistently produces photos that do meet and exceed these guidelines to get his clients more work; time and again. This is an industry that preys on people’s emotions but firstly you must understand that this is a multi-billion dollar business. Hiring a professional photographer is an Investment in your future. Michael Terry takes his profession very seriously and has proven results; which is why he firmly believes that working with him is so important to launching and furthering your career. Michael Terry encourages you to take a close look at the photos on this site to see for yourself who he has worked with and what he has accomplished in his extremely successful personal modeling & photography career. What you will find are images taken of top models/actors who are currently represented my leading agencies (IMG,Ford, Wilhelmina, LA Models and Other Top Agencies) as well as documented images of his modeling success story. If your goal is to reach the highest levels of the modeling industry you can only reach those goals by working with someone who has truly walked in those shoes — Not by someone who talks about getting there and has never reached the top!! Michael Terry sincerley wants everyone that makes an investment with him to feel that their time and money was well spent. All of his clients will receive amazing photos (that get work!) and they’ll also benefit from his 30+ years of experience. Being a successful model is much more than getting your picture taken on a regular basis. Becoming a ‘Professional Model’ requires hard work, knowledge and great discipline. So if this is something that you feel that you want to do –  Michael Terry Photography would love the opportunity to help you do it the right way with strong images and his years of extensive knowledge and expertise of the industry. Being a successful Professional Model can be one of the most exciting experience’s someone can have during their lifetime; bringing them and their family fun, joy, happiness and financial security. Michael Terry’s only goal is to help you reach and exceed all of your goals and dreams. Thank You!

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