Having been a top working fashion model for 30+ years (booking thousands of print ads and over 100 TV commercials) as well as owning his own successful photography business for nearly two decades, Michael Terry’s experience is second to none.

He has worked with clients around the globe such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, Coca-Cola, Nike, etc. – and has a keen understanding of what leading brands and entertainment executives look for when casting talent. This knowledge shows in his work and is why so many top working models and actors use him to promote themselves.

In fact, many of the models that Michael shoots are represented by some of the top agencies around the world including:  LA Model, Ford Models, NTA, Next Models, Wilhelmina Models and IMG Models. These renowned agencies currently and/or previously represented Michael as a model – so he has a wealth of information and insight to share (i.e. tips for building long-lasting relationships with these industry leaders, what casting agents look for in a photo, etc.) regarding how to successfully navigate the business and make money.

Michael is also super passionate about working with up & coming models. He believes this is a key time when having a professional headshot and building a strong foundation (a great portfolio of photos) can make the biggest impact on the trajectory of one’s career.

Plus, in today’s competitive environment, it’s more important than ever before to have strong images that set you apart — whether you’re an actor, model, business executive, realtor, influencer or a single adult looking to update your headshot. Your headshot or portrait is the first impression that can change your life forever. If you’re serious about your career, it’s worth investing in an experienced professional like Michael who has a proven track record for producing versatile and impactful photos.

Lastly, a word of advice…. When selecting a photographer, I encourage you to do your homework and verify claims you see on photography websites as well as the internet as a whole. My website intentionally has images of myself with clients as I find a lot of competitors make claims but don’t truly have the credentials or credibility. My intention is to be very transparent and in doing so, provide a true sense of what you’ll get when you invest in my services.

I hope you like what you see on my site and I look forward to working with you in the future.


The shooting environment is one of the most important factors next to picking the right photographer. Michael Terry shoots all around the world in various locations to accommodate each client’s needs.

If you live near Los Angles or you’re coming to visit, Michael’s Marina Del Rey studio is designed for the comfort, privacy and the safety of his clients. Located in a quiet, lovely, 24/7 guard-gated, luxury home community, he offers convenient parking within the private community right in front of his home. No more parking your car in a sketchy area wondering if your car is going to be vandalized, ticketed, towed or whether you’ll need an escort to and from your car while shooting.

The entire experience is meant to put you at complete ease and relax you because the camera picks up every emotion and unless you’re completely comfortable with the photographer and environment — the images won’t come out spectacular.

His private studio isn’t just about comfort but it’s about ideal lighting. Being located near the Pacific Ocean, the studio attracts clean, brilliant, natural light that is second to no other place on earth.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography and Michael is considered a “Master of Light” from working with the top photographers and directors in the world over the past 30+ years. During this time, he has studied them while working next to them on set as if everyday was a Master Class. This knowledge is what he uses to light his clients. Whether it’s natural light, professional strobe, flashes, and/or soft boxes — Michael Terry’s studio is fully equipped to exceed any lighting situation. It’s an environment he has intentionally created tapping into his many years of experience as a busy photographer and working model.


The shoot is when the fun begins!

Michael asks that all clients arrive at least 15-20 minutes before shoot time for a quick meet & greet and discussion about the shoot. He expects total professionalism — meaning you show up ready for work on time (no pets or additional visitors unless discussed and agreed to beforehand).

All clients are welcome to provide their own hair / makeup and wardrobe stylist at the time of shoot at their own expense and those individuals are more than welcome on set with prior knowledge, as mentioned earlier.

Also, please note, the studio is location in a privately guarded luxury home development and only those with prior clearance will be permitted by the guards with a parking pass.

Although Michael welcomes your desire for the use of a professional hair / makeup person, his personal opinion is that this service is non-advantageous to most actors and models because when you go on auditions you will not be having a professional prep you before every casting — so why would you have them work on the photos that are going to send out to casting?

Casting Directors want you to look like your photos and if you don’t look like your photos casting will not hire you nor will they call you back. One of the reasons why he’s worked in front of the camera for over 30 years and why his clients get more work is because he understands what top casting directors want.

While shooting, he will occasionally show you what he’s shooting so you have a concept of what we’re doing but he does not use a tethering monitor system because he feels like it takes away from the spontaneity of the shoot; zapping energy and creativity. You’ve chosen him for professional results and not to micro manage the process.


Email me preferably or Text with a few dates that you would like to shoot. I will let you know what’s available. Please include the type of photography services that you’re seeking such as Headshots, Portraits , Fashion , Weddings , Advertising , Editorial. Email: Michael@MichaelTerryPhotography.Com or Text: 323.251.3257


 I will go through in great detail each image and pick the images that I feel are the strongest images using my 30+ years of experience in the business to give you nothing but the best from the best of the best. I will chose my favorites and from those I will use my photo retouching expertise to enhance a few of those images at no extra charge giving you that “ 1 Great Shot “ that makes a statement allowing you to post and share those images quicker.


If you decide that you would rather have me retouch any other photos I will charge an additional $40 dollars for each photo. You can expect to have all your images sent to you via email via “We Transfer” as soon as possible but no later than 72 hours usually within hours 10 – 24 hours
after the shoot.


Michael Terry Photography requires a 50% non-refundable deposit on all shoots at time of scheduling. Payment may be made via PayPal using any major credit card. After payment is made, that date and time will be reserved for client. The balance must be paid in full at time of shoot before the shoot takes place via Cash or PayPal using any major credit card. No images will be released to client until balance is paid in full.

If for any reason client will not be able to make the scheduled shoot, please contact Michael Terry Photography at least 72 hours prior to shoot. If the notice is received within that time, a client maybe able to reschedule for another time within 30 days if a time is available otherwise client will forfeit original deposit.

Also, please note, arriving to scheduled shooting session 30 minutes late or more counts as a “No-Show” and the client will forfeit their deposit.


Michael Terry Photography does not do re-shoots. If you would like additional photos taken, regular pricing will apply. Technical / Mechanical issues are the only reason a refund of any kind will be granted.


Clients are free to use all finalized images for Headshot, Social Media, Personal Websites and All Casting Purposes.

All social media posts must be credited and tagged : MichaelTerryPhotography.Com

By booking your shoot and placing a deposit, you agree to the rates, terms and conditions listed above and on this website.

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