Born in the midwestern United States and raised in southern California, Michael’s love for art began at an early age after meeting iconic artist Andy Warhol as a child.That encounter sparked a desire to learn as much about art as he could which continued into his college years as a business major with a minor in art. After college he embarked on a career as one of the world’s top fashion models.   Traveling to over 150 different countries around the world and working with the World’s top Photographers such as Herb Ritts.  Top Directors as Tony Scott and being featured in some of the worlds biggest advertising
campaigns for clients such as: Mercedes Benz, Levi’s ,Gucci, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and many more. Michael continues to work in front of the camera today in commercials and advertising campaigns finding that staying current in front of the camera strengthens his knowledge behind the camera. Constant daily experience working with today’s top professionals keeps him up to date on trends and new technologies that he can incorporate into his projects as photographer and director. Self taught in the professional editing program Avid, which is used by Academy Award winning editors. Michael shoots,edits and directs all his film projects. His goal is to not only give you amazing images but an outstanding collaborative working environment that makes you a lifelong client and friend.

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