Seeing is Believing:  The Power of a Great Head Shot or Portrait

Actors,models and celebrities understand that people are hardwired to respond to imagery: The visual cortex is the largest system in the human brain. While reading is a skill we must learn, picture processing is an ability we’re all born with, and the language of pictures is universal.

Good marketing photos are far more likely to engage your audience than text alone, especially if the images are art directed to target a specific audience. You get one opportunity to engage a first-time viewer, so make sure your marketing material is well-designed and provides them with a clear understanding of your offering. That’s why it’s important for actors,models and celebrities to have the best visual images possible.

 Actors, Models and Celebrities need Great Photography and Video Branding Visuals

Actors, models and celebrity endorsers are powerful forces for brands to use. But more importantly, the research seems to indicate that those who respond to celebrity endorsers on social media are themselves far more likely to follow and respond to brands on social media making those images even more important than ever before.

According to the study 64% of adult U.S. Internet users who follow actors,models and celebrities also follow a brand, which means that their followers are four times more likely to follow a brand than the average U.S. adult online.”

This could suggest that actors,models and celebrity endorsers can have an even more profound impact on a brand because their followers are influencers in the social media domain, which is where word of mouth is increasingly playing out in 2017 and beyond.


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